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Alphabet (A-B) - D'Agostino, Ezio

  • Alphabet (A-B)

  • by D'Agostino, Ezio

  • That it is not about ‘hurried’ photography, not really about contemplation, but as Ezio D’Agostino says himself, ‘about a photographic process which derives from my archaeology training’. This means confronting time and pacting with it. The archaeologist, such as the photographer, divides the territory so that he can better explore it. The archaeologist digs it, then, with a layered and depth approach, he reveals the layers that will provide elements of interpretation and knowledge. Through his frame (which belongs only to him and which seldom has the scientific knowledge of the archaeologist), the photographer, too, divides, slices and cuts the space we know and we experiment so that we can see it differently, with other perspectives. This lack of spectacular reveals a cut tree trunk surrounded by dying grass, which still resists while a poor plant, leaning on a green fence, tries, whereas dying, to climb out from a metallic gate. A bit further, in-depth, by the pool numbers define a podium, a winner and his runner-ups. Then, soft chalk houses on a blackboard, half erased, a child’s drawing, a small bird lost on the red back of a plastic chair, waste behind a transparent and red plastic garbage bag, chromias and signs. A calm reading of a world which is not, sharp angles, material meeting, reflection and, as always, light such as the one that makes drops of water vibrating when they get away from some humble string lights.

    Christian Caujolle

    The work is the result of the artist residence SFR Jeunes Talents (Paris, 2011)
    This book has been made possible thanks to the contribution of JES! and WishotLAB
    Bookproject and design by Ezio D’Agostino and 3/3

    Best of 2015 on Alejandro Cartagena’s list for Photo-eye

    (text from the publisher)

  • Architecture et Urbanisme - Skinnerboox (2015) - 23,5 x 32 cm

  • € 32.5

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